Q. How much do the Mezuzahs cost?
A. The price on the website is for the case, the scroll is sold separately

Q. Do you have scrolls and are they Kosher? 
A. Yes, we sell Kosher scrolls which you can purchase directly on the site and add to your cart.
Q. Do you make custom Mezuzahs?
A. Yes! See something you like here but want to change the colour or mix two styles together? We can bring your vision to life, email us with the specifics you're looking for and we can discuss your project.

Q. Do you make larger sizes of the Letter Board Art and can they be customized?
A. Yes! We can source a board in your desired size and you can customize the letter colours, background colours, sayings and layout. Email us with your wish list and we can discuss your project.

Q. Will my item look exactly like the photo?
A. While the style will be the same as the photo, each item will have slight differences as they are all hand made and one of a kind!

Q. Do you offer shipping or local pickup?
A. We can ship internationally and also offer local pick up from midtown Toronto.  You can choose your preference for this at checkout.

Q. What are Poppsi's Mezuzahs made of?
A. They are made of epoxy resin with various fillings.

Q. How do Poppsi's Mezuzah's affix to the wall?
A. Affixing them to the wall is easy, we provide double sided tape, just peel off the wrapper and stick!  They can also be made with two small holes for screws, please email us to request this.
Q. Are the candies and sprinkles real?
A. Yes!  The candy in the Acrylic Art is real and the sprinkles in the Mezuzahs and Letter Sets are too!  We also have imitation sprinkles available, please email to request this.

Q. Can I use my mezuzah outside?
A. Since our Mezuzahs do not have a back cover, they are not suitable for exterior door frames, please only use them inside!

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. In stock items will ship within 2 weeks from the date the order is place, plus standard shipping timelines.  Custom pieces may take up to 3-4 weeks to create before shipping.