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Q. Does it come with the scroll?

A. The prices on the website are just for the case, the scroll is sold separately

Q. Do you sell kosher scrolls to fit the cases?

A. Yes, we sell Kosher scrolls to fit the two case sizes we make which you can purchase directly on the site and add to your cart.

Q. Do you make custom Mezuzot?

A. Yes! See something you like here but want to change the colour or mix two styles together? We can bring your vision to life, email us with the specifics you're looking for and we can discuss your project.

Q. Can all designs be made in both case sizes?

A. Yes! If you see a design in the small size, we can make it in the big and vise versa

Q. Will my item look exactly like the photo?

A. While the style will be the same as the photo, each item will have slight differences as they are all hand made and one of a kind!

Q. What are Poppsi's Mezuzot made of?

A. They are made of epoxy resin with various fillings.

Q. How are Poppsi's Mezuzot affixed to the wall?

A. Affixing them to the wall is easy, we provide double sided tape, just peel off the wrapper and stick! The small size can also be made with two small holes for screws, please email us to request this.

Q. Are the sprinkles real?

A. Yes! The sprinkles in our Mezuzot and Letter Sets are made with real sprinkles, which will not spoil since they have no expiry and no access to air. We also have imitation sprinkles available, please email to request this.

Q. Can I use my mezuzah outside?

A. Since our Mezuzot do not have a back cover, they are not suitable for exterior door frames, please only use them inside!

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. All of our products are made to order, meaning that we only start to create it once your order is placed, rather than having stock of the item premade. Given the nature of resin curing time and the handmade process, this takes 3-4 weeks plus standard shipping timelines.

Q. Do you offer shipping or local pickup?

A. YES! We ship internationally and also offer local pick up from midtown Toronto. You can choose your preference for this at checkout.

Q. How do I know when my order will be shipping?

A. You will receive an email with the tracking information once the label has been created.

Q. How do I know when my order is ready for pick up?

A. You will receive an email notifying you that the order is ready for pick up. Your order is then put in the mailbox for pick up once you have replied to the email advising when you will be picking it up. Orders are not put out when the email is sent, only once a pick up time has been agreed upon

Q. Do you sell the glass for smashing under the Chuppah?

A. Creating a "kit" that will include the glass is in the works, until then, we do not sell the glass

Q. How does ordering a Chuppah Glass "Mazel Tov" mezuzah or Chuppah Glass Letter Art work?

A. Once your order is placed online, you will receive an email with instructions on how and where to send/drop off your glass. Once we receive your glass, we will begin to work on your mezuzah or letter art, this will take 3-4 weeks and once it is ready, we will ship out/have it ready for pick up along with any remaining shards

Q. Can I make additional items if I have leftover shards?

A. Yes! If you have leftover shards after we've made whatever you ordered, we will email you to discuss what other items can be made. The additional items will ship with your original order so that there are no duplicated shipping charges.

Q. Can I order a Chuppah Glass product in advance of having the glass?

A. Absolutely, if you want to purchase a chuppah glass item before the glass is smashed, that is no problem, the same process above would apply and you ship your glass when ready.

Q. Will my child be able to pull out the magnets?

A. NO! The magnets are embedded right inside the letter, they are flush to the letter and cannot be pulled out!

Q. Can you make a full A-Z letter set and add individual letters if you need a duplicate? (IE: child's name is AIDAN and you want to make him a full set, but also be able to have him spell his name)

A. YES! You would purchase a full A-Z set and then you can add any letters individually for purchase

Q. Can the letter sets be made without magnets?

A. Absolutely! Please add that request in your order notes and we will accommodate

Q. Do you need to have a magnetic fridge to play with them?

A. Not at all! Just grab any metal board or even a baking tray, or roll out some playdough for stamping!

Q. Do you have a loyalty program or discount for repeat orders?

A. Yes to discount- need to think of this

Q. Do you have a referral discount?

A. Yes! If you refer us to a friend, and they place an order, we will make a discount code for your next order

Q. Do you offer custom items outside of the styles on your website?

A. Yes, email us to discuss the scope of your project and we will determine if it's a fit.