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Hanukkah Loose Parts Set- 12 pcs set

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Loose parts set with magnets

The loose parts set you've all been waiting for! These sets are perfect for sensory based learning and exploration, roll out some play dough and use the pieces to stamp and trace, create shapes and match colour patterns, all the while being exposed to Jewish traditions and education.  Each set is handmade and one-of-a- kind and therefore no two pieces are ever the same!


* Each set includes 2 of each of the following pieces: Magen David, Present, Dreidel, Gelt, Sufganiyot and a Menorah

*When on the website, if you purchase a quantity of 1 it means 1 set which is 12 pieces, if you order a quantity of 2, it is two sets with 24 pieces in total

*To clean after messy play, just wash with soap and warm water 

*keep them stored at room temp 

*Best used in play for kids aged 3+ (smaller pieces can be a chocking hazard to littles, please do not play unsupervised or attempt to eat!)

*pieces range in size, the smallest being the Gelt measuring 1.75" L x .50" W x .25" D and the largest being the Menorah measuring: 2.75"L x 2" w x .25" D