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One of a kind, handmade resin mezuzah cases that will surely make a statement in your home and bring your doorframe to life! The Biggie is here to be seen! It's double the width of our small size and about an inch longer.  

Pick a base from any of the following collections: fine glitter, chunky glitter, sprinkle balls, sprinkle sticks, sprinkle chunks and translucents and then add a name using letter beads.  When the item is in your cart, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see a box called “order special instructions” Please indicate your base choice, whether you want white beads with black letters or white beads with coloured letters and provide the name you want on the Mezuzah.
Here are three examples:
-Use black holographic glitter with white letter beads in assorted colours for the name AIDAN
-Use pink fine glitter with black letter beads in assorted colours for the name SKYE
-Use blue sprinkle balls with all blue letter beads for the name LIAM


4.5"L x 1"W x 1" D
Back cavity for scroll: 4"L x .5" W * Fits 3.9" scroll
*dimensions can vary in depth depending on collection style
*Scroll sold separately
*This Mezuzah case is for indoor use only
*Comes with double sided tape on the back for easy hanging
*Made without screw holes
*Made with real sprinkles, but please do not eat! Our products are not edible
*This item is handmade, and therefore no two items will be the exact same
* Due to the nature of resin, there may be slight imperfections such as tiny air bubbles 
* These products are final sale, no returns or exchanges accepted